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AMRG has started to develop its infrastructure with the donated equipments by Bell Laboratories, Lucent Technologies and the support of Turkish State Planning Organization in 1998. Long term aims of the AMRG are to implement a research facility which enables to realize high quality research and to increase the contribution of our university to the global science on the subject of synthetic metallic materials. Compared with the other research groups in our country which have recently accomplished their research infrastructure, AMRG members have overcome these problems before and use their efforts for research absolutely.      

For the last decade, AMRG has acquired its own research infrasturcture with the leadership of Dr. E. Ozdas and efforts of B. Kalkan, Y. Yasınkilic, T. Gungor, E. Gungor, M. Gurbuz and M. Ozkan and composed the research capabilities as good as can serve a high quality PhD program. Up to now, 3 PhD and 4 MSc students have completed their degrees and more than 20 undergraduate students have increased their research experience with AMRG. NNT732 Nanocarbon, NNT733 Nanocarbon Tecnologies, FIZ594 Atomic and Molecular Clusters and FIZ792 High Pressure Physics which are the MSc and PhD courses given by AMRG in Nanomedicine&Nanotechnology and Physics Departments of Hacettepe University.
Ongoing research subjects of our research group:

  1. Physical and Structural Properties of Metal doped Boron-Carbon Compounds under High Pressure,
  2. Transport Properties of Graphene,
  3. Electronic Properties of Carbon and Boron Clusters,
  4. Synthesis and Properties of Nanodiamond,
  5. Synthesis of Metal Doped Boron Compounds under High Pressure,
  6. Synthesis and Properties of CN compounds.

AMRG members use three well equipped laboratories called as Synthetic Materials Laboratory, Advanced Materials Research Laboratory and NanoCarbon Laboratory (under construction) to execute their research program. Nonetheless, our group is able to access to many Synchrotron Radiation Sources in the world using the financial support of the international projects in which AMRG involves.

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