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Research Oppurtinities for Undergraduate Students

Advanced Materials Research Group involves undergraduate students in its research as space, time and the research budget permit. Each research project has started that Assoc. Prof. Engin Ozdas would supervise at least one qualified undergraduate student in each project. Though qualifications vary by project, the most important one is persistence.

If you find a topic that interests you in the list of the research topics, please firstly send an e-mail including your contact information, personal information, GPA, experience on computer skills and undergraduate courses which you have completed or will have completed courses. If Dr. Ozdas wishes to offer you a position, and if you wish academic credit
(just for senior students), the registration is simple.

Current Projects

- Development of a operating software for 4-circle single crystal diffractometer
- AC susceptibility measurement under High Pressure
- Development of control software based on PXI hardware
- Lock-in amplifier on a 24-bit A/D card
- Beamline X-ray optic

- Development of a operating software for Raman spectrometer

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